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As an interesting bit of trivia, the word "Loatheb" is an anagram for "Healbot" and considering his abilities, this is likely an intentional joke by the developers.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Corrupted mind Loatheb places a 1 minute linked cooldown on all healing spells, including cleanse/dispell/depoison. This means you only get 1 healing spell to cast per 1 minute, including cleanse/dispell/depoison.
  • Unknown posion DOT Seems only melee or person within certain range got it, can stack.
  • Unknown curse Much like Lucifron's magic, do 2000 shadow damage at end of 10 sec.
  • Fungal Bloom Critical-hit chance increased by 50%. Spell critical-hit chance increased by 60%. Spells and abilities cause no threat. Get from envionment, you can control who gets it.



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Tier 3 Legs token

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