Lizards are critters, animals, beasts, and magical beasts found in the Warcraft universe.


  • Common lizard

Common lizards are small, non-venomous lizards of perhaps a foot or two in length, such as an iguana. Lizards prefer flight to combat, but they can bite painfully if there is no other option.[1] (MGWS 12)

  • Iguana
  • Skink
  • Newt
  • Chameleon
  • Salamander
  • Monitor lizard

Monitor lizards are fairly large, carnivorous lizards ranging between 3-5 feet in length. Monitor lizards can be aggressive, using their powerful jaws to tear at prey or enemies. They can hide well in forested or overgrown areas.[1] (MGWS 12) Some druids choose them as their animal companion.[2] (WoWRPG 70)

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