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Please double-check the big list of all pop culture references in Warcraft before adding a reference; while attempts are made to keep them in alphabetical order, they may not be. Most importantly, please note that this page is split into the classic game and its two expansions. Additionally, references to movies that are based on books might be listed under 'Literature' instead of 'Movies' and vice-versa, and the movie you are thinking of could just be referencing another work, too. Those might be mentioned in the case of very popular ones, but it will be listed under the original reference.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Edit

Movies Edit

  • In Boralus, there is a male Kul tiran human named Ron Mahogany <The Anchor Man>. This a parody of Will Ferrell's character Ron Burgandy from the movie The Anchorman.
  • Mathias Shaw's quote "It's Shaw. Mathias Shaw" is a parody of James Bond films in which the titular character introduces himself in the same format; "The name's Bond. James Bond".
  • Magmaster Blastercrank in Battle for Darkshrore is a Reference to “Master Blaster” from Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.

Literature Edit

  • There is a rare raven in Drustvar called Nevermore. This is a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's poem, The Raven.

Resteraunts and Food Chains Edit

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