Lilian Voss is a recently "recovered" undead, first uncovered by the player from a coffin inside the Shadow Grave of Deathknell. The player, while leveling in Tirisfal Glades, will often either encounter or hear about Lilian up until the player helps her kill High Priest Benedictus Voss, her father.

It's unknown what happens to Lilian after those events, but the Forsaken would love to have her fighting for them.


From the moment of her birth she was raised as a weapon against the plague as a member of the Scarlet Crusade. She studied stealth, sorcery, martial arts, and anything else that would maker herself stronger. She gave up her childhood for her father.[1]

After she died Lilian ended up being raised as an undead by the Forsaken's Val'kyr. When Horde players approach her to recruit her into the Forsaken's ranks, she runs away in denial of her undeath claiming that her father will protect her. She instantly cried for her father and ran away screaming for her life, pleading to be taken back home.[2] Later she was found by Novice Elreth in Deathknell. To show her what she really is and to join the Forsaken Novice Elreth gave the player a hand mirror. After she saw her face Lilian ran away again denying her live as an undead.[3]

Her father instantly forgot about her and ordered Lilian's execution.[4] She now seeks retribution against her father and all of the Scarlet Crusade.

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Lilian Voss2

Lilian Voss after she realizes her fate.

Although not a completely unique model, it's unusual for a non-death knight to have glowing blue eye sockets, while normally undead members (like the Forsaken) have glowing yellow eye sockets. It should also be noted that many of her attacks cause her victims to erupt in purple flames, leaving her mark throughout Scarlet encampments in Tirisfal Glades and the Western Plaguelands.


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She may be a reference to Liliana Vess from Magic: The Gathering.

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