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The spire of Light's Dawn Cathedral in Gilneas City

Light's Dawn Cathedral[48.8, 52.6]
is located in the Cathedral Quarter of Gilneas City.

During the final days of the Gilneas civil war, prior to the Cataclysm, Light's Dawn Cathedral was the site of a last stand by uncorrupted Gilneans against a horde of feral worgen, as part of a diversion set up by King Genn Greymane to allow Gilnean citizens to evacuate safely. The Gilnean defenders (which include the player characters) are overwhelmed, and eventually become worgen themselves.[1]

After The Battle for Gilneas City this is where Sylvanas Windrunner goes to discuss the Forsaken assault on the city. Despite the assurances she makes to General Warhowl, she still plans to unleash the plague upon Gilneas.



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