Lieutenant Fangore is a level 26 named Shadowhide Gnoll in the eastern Redridge Mountains. Magistrate Solomon wants Fangore's cold, dead paw, for his alliance with Morganth, his dark master, an enemy of Stormwind. Fangore rallies his forces around the Tower of Ilgalar, Morganth's bastion of might in Redridge.

While not an elite, Fangore poses a huge problem to single or paired adventures. He will appear to be on his own or guarded by one or two gnolls, but there are four bodyguard gnolls that will attack from far away if Fangore is ambushed. These gnolls pull anything around them as well, so one person carelessly attacking Fangore can soon be covered in smelly gnoll. A party of five is a necessity, and even then, someone will probably die.

Lieutenant Fangore is also completely immune to shadow damage, making this an extremely difficult quest for affliction warlocks and shadow priests to solo.



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