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Assuming that you're a healing priest, with no interest in dealing damage, this page has every piece of gear you're likely to want or come across. They show all gear that can be obtained once you start raiding (i.e. ZG and above). There are a few non-raid items included where they are really worth getting.

If you do have an interest in dealing damage (as well as healing), also has an extensive listing of all gear you can find and use from the 20-man and up instances (from Zul'Gurub up to Naxxramas atm). Gear is listed per instance and per type. The types are: Sets (Prophecy, Confessor, Transcendence, Oracle, Faith, ...), Healing, Damage, Resistance (per school) and Various (regen gear, crit gear, etc.).

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NB. These are only worth getting if you get both, because of the set bonus.

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