Feral Druids are powerful in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. In WSG they are quite possibly the best flag capturers, especially in the 10-19 bracket with travel form, making them one of the fastest players on the field (monks are cheat mode fast).

Enchant Recommendations Edit

  • Head

As of patch 3.1.0 Head Enchants have a level requirement of 50

  • Shoulder

As of patch 3.1.0 Shoulder Enchants have a level requirement depending on enchant and no known shoulder enchants currently are low enough level.

As of patch 3.0.2 you can't get 12 dodge chance on cloak as it now requires a level 35 or higher item.

As of patch 3.1.0 it is no longer possible to get cleft or cobra leg enchants, as they require at least level 60.

Talent Builds Edit

2/2 in Feral Swiftness 3/3 in Furor 1/2 in Infected Wounds



  • Can be used with rogues with no stealth attacks (Sword Rogues) or to attack multiple targets.
  • For non-engineers use [Ez-Thro Dynamite]


  • Used to stop flag runners or if you are stunned, and need to stun other player.

[Heavy Runecloth Bandage] (can be used with 225 FA, but you need a friend/main to create it)

  • Used for healing in middle of a series of fights, or quick healing.

[Healing Potion]

  • Good for healing in the middle of multiple mobs.

[Minor Recombobulator]

  • Used to remove Polymorph effects from a friendly player. Good for twinks in need.

[Swiftness Potion]

  • Used for running the flag, or to fight the "slowing classes". Use sparingly can cost up to 10g a stack.

[Heavy Sharpening Stone]

  • Made by lvl 140 blacksmiths. When applied to your weapon they add +4 damage for 60 min (alternate stones for maces and blunt weapons).

[Magic Dust]

  • Incapacitates target for 30 sec.

Buffs Edit

Potions and elixirs

[Rumsey Rum Black Label]

  • This adds an extra 15 stamina but does not stack with food buffs.


Making a good twink is going to be expensive; and that's a fact. If you get the proper equips and enchants, it's gonna cost up to several thousand Gold. Saying that, it will be a great way to have fun when completed. G'luck


Popular Alliance choices are Night Elf, for the extra agility, and Human, for Every Man for Himself. Gnomes are also rather popular and dwarves make appearances here and there. Popular Horde choices include Blood Elf and Undead. Every race has it's advantages and disadvantages, and your choice should be based largely on your play style.


Night Elf - A very popular choice, Night Elves have the ability to Shadowmeld, which allows you to Prowl in combat. In addition, they have the most agility of any Alliance Race.

Worgen - 1% to passive crit. Worgen get a racial sprint that works well with the high mobility of a druid.


Troll - Many racials that benefit rogues. Berserking is a useful ability that will increase attack speed by amounts that vary depending on how badly injured the troll is. The highest possible bonus from Berserking is 30%. However, Berserking will cost you some Energy. Da Voodoo Shuffle is a new racial ability that decreases the duration of snares by 15%. Regeneration will increase your health regeneration rate by 10% and allow 10% of your health regeneration to take place during combat. While that may not seem useful at first it can save you in a pinch. Bow and Throwing Specialization will increase your ranged critical chance, be it with a bow or a throwing weapon.

Tauren - passive stamina increase. racial melee range AOE stun, great for getting off a quick cyclone in pvp. taurens make great tanks.

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