Battle pet level is limited to a 25 cap as of Warlords-Logo-Small Warlords of Draenor. Non-capturable battle pets may have stats that may be much better than those that players can own at the same level.

Starting level Edit

Captured pets

Captured wild, battle pets will have a level a couple levels below the level they were when they were captured.

Purchased or traded

Battle pets that are not summoning items can be of any level up to the cap. Not all battle pets are tradable and those that aren't can't be put on the Auction House.

Quest reward an promotional pets

Battle pets received as a quest reward or promotional items that summon a pet will always be level 1 at first.

Battle pet levels by zone Edit

Battle pet level ranges will appear under zone level ranges recommended for player characters when moving the pointer over a zone in the continent view of the world map.

Items that affect level Edit

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