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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Leena as a child on Draenor

Leena was a draenei child caught in the middle of the slaughter of the draenei on Draenor, she lost her father first as he tried to protect them from the orcs. Her mother tried to lead the orcs hunting them away from Leena but was caught before she could get very far. Leena was about to be killed by J'argg Bloodfyre but was saved by his brother, Jaruk Bloodfyre, who had had enough of the slaughter and could not stand the bloodlust. Jaruk adopted Leena as they both ran from his brother who was now hunting them.

Over the year Jaruk taught Leena the Orc language traditions and customs from before the corruption. He taught her how to hunt and track. He also taught her about shamanism even though the spirits no longer spoke to him. He raised her as if she was his own child.

J'argg caught up with them and during the fight. J'argg struck a mortal blow on Jaruk, at which point Leena killed J'argg who was already badly injured from the fight with Jaruk.

Before Jaruk died, the spirit spoke to him for the first time in years by showing him a vision of Leena growing up to be a great shaman working with orc and other shaman races to restore Outland. Then he told Leena everything would be alright as he passed away.[1]