Leeka Turner is a level 70 human found in King's Square in Old Stratholme. She owns Leeka's Shields & Maces. She probably became Auctioneer Leeka in Undercity after being turned undead.

Pointer repair on 32x32 This vendor offers a repair service.


Inv misc questionmark
Battle Staff
2Gold 93Silver 56Copper
Inv misc questionmark
Kite Shield
61Silver 82Copper
Inv mace 12
[Morning Star]
5Gold 26Silver 8Copper
Inv misc questionmark
Reinforced Targe
48Silver 20Copper
Inv misc questionmark
1Gold 91Silver 92Copper
Inv hammer 03
[War Hammer]
2Gold 64Silver 90Copper
Inv hammer 17
[War Maul]
6Gold 11Silver 8Copper
Inv misc questionmark
War Staff
6Gold 15Silver 57Copper


When approached:

I don't know how much longer I'll be open today with all the commotion outside. If you need something repaired, I'll take a quick look.
Look, I'll sell you shields today, but no maces. The last thing I want is for some innocent to get brained by one of my weapons.


One of the drops from Mal'Ganis is Leeka's Shield.

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