Lawbringer Armor Set Items
Item Min Lvl BoP BoE Armor Rating Zone Dropped By
Lawbringer Belt 60 X 421 Molten Core Molten Giant, Firelord
Lawbringer Boots 60 X 515 Molten Core Lucifron, Baron Geddon
Lawbringer Chestguard 60 X 749 Molten Core Golemagg the Incinerator
Lawbringer Bracers 60 X 328 Molten Core Firelord, Flameguard
Lawbringer Gauntlets 60 X 468 Molten Core Gehennas
Lawbringer Legplates 60 X 655 Molten Core Magmadar
Lawbringer Spaulders 60 X 562 Molten Core Baron Geddon
Lawbringer Helm 60 X 608 Molten Core Garr
Lightforge Armor Totals
Armor Stats Resistance Other Effects
4306 Int: 134
Spi: 92
Sta: 153
Str: 74
Arcane: 0
Fire: 34
Frost: 0
Holy: 0
Nature: 0
Shadow: 24
Mana Regen: 13
Spell Healing: 138
Bonuses gained from wearing multiple set items:
3: Increases the chance of triggering a Judgement of Light heal by 10%.

5: Increases spell and melee critical chance by 1%.
8: Gives the Paladin a chance on every melee hit to heal your party for 189 to 211.
This info not included in set totals

References: Allakhazam, Thottbot

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