Lava Elementals are mobs inside Molten Core.


Mob which is a member of a Lava Pack, a group of mobs commonly found in Molten Core.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Hits a tank for 600 - 800 damage.
  • Strike - hits tank for 800 - 1000 damage
  • Pyroclast Barrage - Deals 1500 fire damage over 6 seconds and stuns the target. This hits in a cone in front of the mob and is not dispellable.


When a lava pack gets pulled, these monsters should be banished by warlocks first, until the flame elementals are dead. However, it is wise to have pets and/or offtanks assigned to each banished mob or it will likely kill a priest when coming out of the banish. The stun is a fire effect and is resistible, so high FR gear for the warlocks is suggested.


Bring some fire resistance gear along.

These mobs are banishable.

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