"They don't respond well to taunts. Believe me, I've tried." - Victoria Jaton [1] (TCGMC 36)

Background Edit

Lava Annihilators are a type of lava elemental. These are by far the easiest of Ragnaros' minions. They have no special attack and they lack AoE, they change their target frequently and there should be no problems for the healers.

Lava Annihilator TCG

Attacks and Abilities Edit

  • Hits a tank for 900 - 1100 damage.
  • Can be taunted, but won't hold aggro for long.
  • These can be Banished by Warlocks.
  • A way to tank these (although note: cooldown) is to alternate Taunt and Mocking Blow.

Strategies Edit

All members of the raid group should cluster around the Annihilator, so it does not run far away from the melee dps.

The Annihilator does not have a standard threat chart, but instead randomly attacks targets which have generated threat, regardless of how much they have actually generated. His blows generally only do 1500 standard to 3000 crit to even cloth, so tanking will be unnecessary so long as healing is quick and everyone's health is above 3000. Random taunts by the tanks will help keep damage away from the dps, however.

Notes Edit

These are on a 2 hour respawn timer. Lava Annihilators share their respawn spots with the Firelords.

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