For her appearence in the Silver Covenant Pavilion, see Lana Stouthammer.

Lana Stouthammer is a boss of the Trial of the Champion in the Crusaders' Coliseum.

Like every Alliance champion, she is only encountered by Horde players.


Lana Stouthammer uses rogue abilities:

  • Fan of Knives: Identical to the Rogue's Fan of Knives, this hits to the tune of about 2-4k total around Stouthammer. This compounds with the others' AoE attacks, so melee should be mindful of what the other two are up to.
  • Deadly Poison: This is stacked inconsistently on the tank as he's being attacked by Stouthammer, but isn't too threatening.
  • Eviscerate: This hits the tank for around 3k minimum on regular, not certain about heroic.
  • Vial of Poison: The real clincher, this is similar to the poison clouds used by the Botanica trash elves before Botanist Freywinn. The bosses should be pulled together out of the cloud whenever possible, as Bladestorm, Fan of Knives, Blast Wave and other AoEs will still be hitting too.


Once dismounted, she uses rogue-style abilities, including a fan of knives that applies a Deadly Poison damage over time effect to party members and a Bottle of Poison which applies a more damaging damage over time effect. The Deadly Poison effect has the poison dispel type, the Bottle of Poison does not have a dispel type.


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