Lady Nightswood is a banshee who needs to be turned to complete the quest Free Your Mind.


When attacking her:

Lady Nightswood says: Who intrudes upon my ritual?

When using the Inv wand 1h stratholme d 01 [Sovereign Rod] on Lady Nightswood:

Lady Nightswood says: You dare?! Where is Baron Sliver? I would have words with him!

When attacking General Lightsbane:

Lady Nightswood says: My dear general, your time has come!

Turning her

She is on a mid-tier ledge behind a cauldron. Once you have defeated her, use the rod and she will be turned.


According to The Leaper, after she is turned, she possesses a vrykul and becomes The Bone Witch. While the fight against Overthane Balargarde she possesses Vardmadra, but after being struck down by the Lich King she returns in the Bone Witch.

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As a mob Attacking General Lightsbane Possessing The Bone Witch Attacking Overthane Balargarde
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