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Lady Naz'jar played a pivotal role in retaking Vashj'ir from the brutal Kvaldir, earning her Queen Azshara's favor. Recently Naz'jar spearheaded an assault against Neptulon and succeeded in cornering the powerful elemental lord within his throne room.[1]

Lady Naz'jar is the first boss players need to kill in the Throne of the Tides instance. She can be found within the Throne of Neptulon[50.6, 23.2]
on the second floor. Killing her is required to unlock the other bosses.

Tactics summary

  • Normal: Interrupt every Shock Blast. Move out of Geysers before they erupt. Move away from Fungal Spores before they land. CC one of the Naz'jar Tempest Witch adds when they appear, kill the other, then kill the Naz'jar Honor Guard and the CC'd Witch.
  • Heroic: Avoid the Water Vortexes that Naz'jar sends out during the add phase.

Objective of


  • Ability creature disease 03  [Fungal Spores]ω ϖ 60 yd range—Hurls deadly fungal spores at a random target, exploding on impact in a 5 yard radius. Any targets caught within this radius take 10000 Nature damage every 3 sec for 15 sec. Removable, can be dodged.
  • Spell nature lightning  [Shock Blast]ω ϖ 60 yd range—Blasts the target with lightning, dealing 33250 to 36750 Nature damage (70687 - 79312 heroic). 3 sec cast (2 sec heroic)
  • Spell frost chillingblast  [Summon Geyser]ω ϖ 50 yd range—Summons a Geyser at a random player's location. After 5 seconds, this Geyser erupts, dealing 23750 to 26250 Frost damage and knocking back all enemies within 5 yards of the target area.
  • Inv elemental primal water  [Waterspout]ω ϖ—Creates a whirling vortex of water, periodically knocking back enemies within 5 yards. In addition, the whirling water will deflect any spells cast at the caster and cause all ranged attacks to miss. Lasts 1 min. 1.5 sec cast



Periodically Naz'jar will summon Geysers on the ground. Players must get away from this or else it will do ~25k damage to all players near it and knock them into the air. At 66% and 33% respectively, she'll summon a water barrier around herself. She'll be completely invulnerable during this time and two Tempest Sea Witches and one Naga Honor Guard will spawn. The two casters should be CC'd as they attack with chain lightning. Burn down the melee add, then the casters. During this phase small water tornadoes will spawn in the center of the room and move outwards. These need to be avoided as upon touching a player they will stun and carry them to the edge of the room while causing steady damage. The Shock Blast must also be interrupted as it can one shot an undergeared tank, particularly on heroic.

  • The Tempest Witches hit very hard. Their chain lighting can hit for upwards of 50,000. They will also put a debuff on a target that causes 60,000 damage to nearby allies after a few seconds. It is generally a good idea to CC both Tempest Witches while you burn the Honor Guard, then take each Witch separately, making sure to stun and silence when you can; this can help keep the healer from going oom on group heals.
  • When she summons the adds, she will begin throwing out twisters that move in a straight line from her to the wall; if a player is caught in one of these, they will be swept up in it, take some damage, and be trapped until the twister dissipates. Keep an eye on the boss so you can see these coming and avoid them. It can help to tank adds closer to walls to give yourself more time to avoid them.
  • On the second wave of adds, the twisters come out much more frequently.
  • It is very important on heroic to interrupt her shock blasts, as they deal 120,000ish damage. Generally, if this gets off the tank will die.
  • The boss will come out of the vortex either after a set time or when the adds are killed. This means if you don't kill the adds fast enough she can become active again while the adds are still up.
  • Be sure to dispel poisoned players who will be green until the debuff is removed.


  • You have interfered with our plans for the last time, mortals.
  • Meddlesome gnats! You think us defeated so easily?
  • Armies of the depths, wash over our enemies as a tide of death!


Normal mode
Name Type Slot
[Aurelian Mitre] Cloth Head
[Entwined Nereis] Ring Finger
[Lightning Whelk Axe] Axe One-Hand
[Periwinkle Cloak] Cloak Back
[Wrasse Handwraps] Mail Hands
Heroic mode
Name Type Slot
[Aurelian Mitre (heroic)] Cloth Head
[Entwined Nereis (heroic)] Ring Finger
[Lightning Whelk Axe (heroic)] Axe One-Hand
[Periwinkle Cloak (heroic)] Cloak Back
[Wrasse Handwraps (heroic)] Mail Hands


How To Lady Naz'jar - Heroic Throne of the Tides

How To Lady Naz'jar - Heroic Throne of the Tides

Heroic Throne of Tides - Lady Naz'jar

Heroic Throne of Tides - Lady Naz'jar

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