Lady Meredith Waycrest is the matriarch of House Waycrest. She made a pact with the drust, seeking to use their power to help her gain influence within the council that ruled Kul Tiras, not knowing and/or caring about their true motives. She later went missing.[1]


Meredith disapproved of her daughter Lucille's marriage to Alexander Treadward for he was a common merchant.[2] On the day of their wedding Meredith hired Roland the Knife to assassinate Alexander.[3]

As matron of House Waycrest, Meredith didn't have much in the say of rule, being much more reserved when it came to political talk. This would all change when a rumor sprung up about her husband being deadly sick, with her locking herself with him in their chambers out of grief.[4] Stricken with grief due to her ailing husband, Lady Waycrest called out to any power that could save him. Gorak Tul answered her cry and promised that death would never part the couple, for a price.[5] She started to recruit girls to her newly formed Coven and taught them in the way of drust magic. Their ultimate goal was to bring the drust back to the realm of the living.[6]

Then one day, she came out of her solitude, assuring the people that all was fine. The only thing the villagers found odd about her return is that she had taken control of the men. All seemed normal until the disappearances began and the guards were put under a spell. With Corlain under the control of the Coven, Meredith sent out her followers to recruit more witches and begin the return of the drust king.[4] Despite the efforts by the Order of Embers to stop the return, the Coven were successful.[7]

When the Order of Embers took down the barrier at Upper Corlain, they rushed all the way to the foot point of Waycrest Manor. Lucille and the rest were in shock, as they found out the true identity of the Mother. Meredith also revealed that she intended on her husband becoming Lord of all Kul Tiras, and invited Lucille to join them. She corrupted Marshal Everit Reade and left him to deal with the others.[8] Once the Marshal was put to rest, the Order of Embers rushed to Waycrest Manor to end Meredith.[9]

However, Lady Waycrest was merely a vessel for Gorak Tul's power and her death opened the Rupture, the doorway for the drust to enter Azeroth.[10] At the Rupture, Gorak Tul was able to raise his people from the dead, but he was slain nonetheless. With his death, the Heartsbane Coven was broken and Drustvar was released from Gorak Tul's power.

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