What you see before you is all that is left of the nation of Alterac. And though we have sworn to never forgive the Alliance, my men told me of your just deeds. The orcish curs are clearly a threat to all of us and we will help you wipe them out.
- Lady Arintol to Arthas Menethil on the hideout of Alterac Remnants

Lady Arintol is a leader of the Remnants of Alterac. She is a female dark knight who served on the Alterac syndicate, her jobs were expected for Arthas Menethil who meets to recruit her for a player are able to command that attack these orcs.

In Warcraft III: The Frozen ThroneEdit

After the player claimed the Alterac Insignia from the optional quest during the defense of Strahnbrad by returning a deed to the original owner Menag the bandit lord, along with his wife Matilda, his brother Taren and the remnants would remain neutral to the player and request to be escorted safely back to the Alterac hideout on the ridge through a secret passage, where Lady Arintol and the Alteracians is.


  • 950 HP (Can't be revived by Altar of Kings.)
  • 500 MP
  • 46-56 damage (Chaos attack)
  • 3 (+3 as 6)
  • Endurance Aura
    Lady Arintol ICON

    Lady Arintol of Alterac Remnants

Role in Project AlteracEdit

She have been rested in the camp while Arthas still coming to control as a playable character.


Lady Arintol is unable to level up, carry an item, and can't be revived by Altar of Kings, being revived by Paladin's ultimate Resurrection is unknown. Her fate depends on the player's determination between giving her a defense role with Uther in the base, providing Endurance Aura to the workers to increases their movement speed, or taking her with Arthas to defeat the dangerous Blademaster of the Blackrock Clan, who can easily take her life. Her story is not furthered after the end of the chapter.


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