Lachlan MacGraff is a quest giver for the Alliance in the town of Kirthaven[54.6, 18]
in the Twilight Highlands. He sends out players to acquire the traditional necessities for the Wildhammer wedding, in the vein of something old (bold), something new (brewed), something borrowed (stolen), and something blue (stewed).

His son, Grundy MacGraff, tells him earlier that he has heard the Maw of Madness speak, but Lachlan dismisses this as nothing but nightmares. To his dismay, when presiding over the Wildhammer wedding, his son taps into dark powers to become a Faceless one. Grundy is unsuccessful in his attempt to stop the unification of the dwarven clan. Lachlan, deep in despair, begs players to go to the Maw of Madness and find a way to destroy it.


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