The Kurenai are a faction of Broken draenei in Outland. This is an Alliance-only faction, so Horde, try looking at the corresponding Horde-only faction, the Mag'har.

This Kurenai Reputation Guide will tell you how to get to exalted the fastest way. Why do you want to get exalted with these? Look at the rewards from their Quartermaster, Trader Narasu. Mainly people want the Talbuk mount, their Tabard, or the part of the Diplomat Achievement to get exalted with them to get the title "<Name> the Diplomat" (You need to get exalted with Timbermaw Hold and Sporeggar too for this Achievement).

You start at unfriendly with them and have to do Quests in Zangarmarsh at the Orebor Harborage in order to reach Neutral and unlock the remaining quests.


Alliance players start unfriendly with the Kurenai.

Unfriendly Neutral Friendly Honored Revered Exalted Rep Notes
500 Obsidian Warbeads x10
Quests ~4500
Mobs 10 Burning Blade Ruins
10 Kil'sorrow Fortress
10 Northwind & Southwind Clefts
2 Sunspring Post
10 Laughing Skull Ruins
10 Warmaul Hill
  • Be aware that the Obsidian Warbeads are also used for Consortium reputation so think carefully on where you want reputation before handing them in.

First, do ALL the quests listed below. That will probably bring you close to Revered. The exact ending rep will vary due to the number of ogres and Kil'sorrow agents killed while completing the quests.

Now here's the hard part. Grinding for Obsidian Warbeads. They drop from any ogre in the zone, at a 30-35% drop rate. You should get an average of one bead for every three ogres killed. You can turn them in at Telaar for 525 reputation per 10.

If you obtain 50 Obsidian Warbeads, that's 2500 reputation. The amount of ogres to obtain that many beads is about 150. That's 1500 reputation from the killing, and 2500 reputation from cashing in the beads, 4000 rep total. If you manage to get to Revered with them from the quests, then you'll have to grind for about 260 beads, or approximately 780 ogres.

You get 10 reputation for each ogre you kill, so also consider that if you get one set of beads for every three ogres you kill, you've got about 300 rep (30 ogres) for every ten beads you collect, give or take.



Total Reputation Gained: 4,500

Require neutral reputation


Total Reputation Gained: 10,570


Trader Narasu <Kurenai Quartermaster> located on the east side of the inn, outside:

Trader Narasu
<Kurenai Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly [Pattern: Netherfury Belt] 12Gold Leatherworking (340)
Honored [Pattern: Reinforced Mining Bag] 5Gold Leatherworking (325)
[Pattern: Drums of Restoration] 16Gold Leatherworking (350)
[Pattern: Drums of Speed] 16Gold Leatherworking (350)
[Pattern: Netherfury Leggings] 12Gold Leatherworking (340)
[Worg Hide Quiver] 10Gold 18-Slot Quiver
Revered [Recipe: Transmute Primal Fire to Earth] 8Gold Alchemy (350)
[Band of Elemental Spirits] 17Gold 59Silver 52Copper Ring
[Kurenai Kilt] 21Gold 88Silver 18Copper Leather
[Blackened Leather Spaulders] 16Gold 7Silver 43Copper Leather
[Pattern: Netherfury Boots] 12Gold Leatherworking (350)
Exalted [Arechron's Gift] 52Gold 43Silver 92Copper Two-Handed Mace
[Cloak of the Ancient Spirits] 13Gold 3Silver 14Copper Cloth
[Far Seer's Helm] 20Gold 71Silver 31Copper Mail
[Reins of the Cobalt Riding Talbuk] 70Gold Mount
[Reins of the Silver Riding Talbuk] 70Gold Mount
[Reins of the Tan Riding Talbuk] 70Gold Mount
[Reins of the White Riding Talbuk] 70Gold Mount
[Reins of the Cobalt War Talbuk] 100Gold Mount
[Reins of the Silver War Talbuk] 100Gold Mount
[Reins of the Tan War Talbuk] 100Gold Mount
[Reins of the White War Talbuk] 100Gold Mount
[Kurenai Tabard] 1Gold Tabard
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