Kupp Coincare is one of seven ghosts found wandering Darkmoon Island, encountered when players are in their spirit form after dying. He can be found west

[43, 27]

of the entry portal to the Island and the Darkmoon Path. Speaking with him will reveal the following (requires multiple interactions):

Most of my debt was repaid... I think...
Silas was able to repay most of my debt as long as I worked at the faire.
I didn't think anyone would mind if I didn't stay to help run the faire.
My debt was almost repaid. No one was going to miss those last gold coins...

It is unclear who Kupp was indebted to, or whether the gold coins he is referring to are coins that were left of his debt, or coins that he stole as he left the faire. What is clear is that he departed the faire prior to his debt being paid in full. Whether Silas himself or his debtors caught up to him remains to be seen...

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