Krol was the leader of the ogres initially approached by the Blackrock clan of the Horde who were seeking to form an alliance.


Rise of the Horde

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The Blackrocks captured three members of Krol's clan and convinced them to hold council with their leader. Krol, promised protection from the gronn, as well as a new "enemy" called the draenei in which to kill, quickly agreed and formed an alliance with Blackhand.[1] (RotH 264)

After the destruction of Draenor, the Boulderfists settled in Nagrand. Recently, Krol has gone mysteriously missing and a new clan, the Warmaul, have begun forcing his clan out of their lands. The cunning half-orc Lantresor of the Blade has stepped up and taken leadership of the clan. The Krol Blade may or may not be named after him.

Preceded by:
Leader of the Boulderfist Clan
Succeeded by:
Lantresor of the Blade

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