Kril'fon is brighter than the average troll who wanders Northrend testing his strength against new creatures and collecting all manner of trophies, weapons, and other items.


Kril'fon once crossed the Dragonblight and approached Icecrown Citadel. Kril'fon hated the Scourge, but when an undead creature hailed him Kril'fon was intrigued. The lich Ra'sal discussed a plan to conquer Gundrak. The lich swayed the troll to his cause. Finally, Kril’fon swore loyalty to the Lich King and in return he was promised dominion over the other trolls and over all Zul'Drak.

Kril'fon is more polished than most ice trolls, more intelligent, and more worldly, but he is still a troll. He has little patience, particularly with anyone he considers useless, and he resorts to violence easily. He speaks Zandali and rough Common. He hoped to take over the Drakkari empire, naming himself Kril'jin, and rule over the Scourge trolls for his master.[1]


  • He does not appear within the World of Warcraft, but another troll known as Drakuru seem to have the same role as Kril'fon.

References Edit

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