Kresh is a neutral level 20 elite turtle that wanders along the river near the beginning of the Wailing Caverns instance. Kresh is tameable by hunters.


Oddly, the turtles that inhabit the Wailing Caverns were not affected by Naralex's nightmare. Oblivious to the evil around him, the ancient tortoise Kresh wanders the caverns living his life normally.


Hunters may enjoy taming Kresh for these reasons:

  • He was the only low level turtle besides CombatMobElite 15Ghamoo-ra (below level 45 or so) who knew the [Shell Shield] pet ability. Since Patch 3.0.2, all tamed turtles have this ability.
  • He makes an excellent tank pet due to [Shell Shield] and his high armor rating, like any turtle pet.


Notable Loot
Inv shield 18


  • Kresh sometimes has the problem of, during his path, bugging and going in a rock. This can be prevented if the party kills him as fast as it can, such as on their way to Cobrahn. Most times if Kresh gets in the rock he will come out, but his path become irremediably bugged, going more frequently into walls and rock and become unattackable, but not sure if untargetable.

Patch changes

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