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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Krelna is a draenei shaman with the Earthen Ring. Krelna alongside Kettara Bloodthirst, Zur'ak Firefist, Lenka, were waiting for a meeting with Drek'Thar. After the meeting, she alongside her master and colleagues noticed a fire in Camp Narache. She battled against the fire and centaur but the shaman were forced to retreat to Bloodhoof Village. There the shaman, talked about how elements abandoned them. However a runner from Narache approached them, telling that the threat was over.

Unlike many other shaman of the Earthen Ring, she did not join Shotoa. Muln Earthfury, the leader of the Earthen Ring, ask her to send a runner to Nobundo and the rest of the draenei and to keep an eye on Shotoa's teachings. After Muln returned from Orgrimmar, Krelna informed him about Shotoa's leaving with many members of the Ring. She and other shaman accompanied Muln to Feralas where she helped the rest of the Earthen Ring defeat Shotoa.

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