The Krazzworks[74.8, 17.3]
is a goblin outpost in the northeastern part of the Twilight Highlands. It is constantly under siege from the Wildhammer clan, which does nothing to help the fact the structure was deployed rather haphazardly. Both Flashbang Rothman and Brett the Bomber blame one another for this mishap, a mishap which has resulted in faulty, leaking valves and workers thrown precariously into the shark-infested waters far below.

Captain Krazz appears to be the leader of the Krazzworks. Horde players will recognize him from their first foray into the Highlands, when the Spear of Durotar was destroyed by the twilight dragonflight. It doesn't appear that his lot has vastly improved with this faulty goblin outpost.

Two zepplins perpetually take off and dock from the highest ramp atop the Krazzworks, making a loop far down to Dragonmaw Port before returning. One is commanded by Captain Fizzlesneer, the other by Captain Smoldersmitten; both are guarded by a few Krazzworks Sky Marshalls.

Flight paths

Horde 15 Dragonmaw Port, Twilight Highlands
Horde 15 Bloodgulch, Twilight Highlands


Quest givers/enders


  • While it is probably a bug, the Wildhammer NPCs in the Krazzworks occasionally show up as hostile to (and attack) Alliance players.
  • With the constant Wildhammer attacks, this can be a dangerous place for players to log out. Though the mobs outside the inn are usually engaged by goblin defenders, sometimes the hostile pack is merely waiting outside the inn.
  • Harpo, the flight master, can sometimes be killed by the dwarves, making taking off from his flight point impossible until he respawns.
  • Those with IconSmall Mining [Mining] should take note: there are a handful of spawn points for nodes in the rocks that make up the Krazzworks, usually down near the water. Only one or two will be up at a time.
  • The forge and anvil are located on the eastern side of the area, on the lowest terrace near Captain Krazz[77.7, 16.6]

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