Kodo beasts are a subspecies of kodo.[1] Giant grey reptilian quadrupeds, the kodo beasts wander the plains in thunderous herds. They graze primarily on quick-growing grasses, but will eat the leaves of shrubs and trees they encounter. Like many herd animals, kodo beast groups are composed of mothers and young, led by a single powerful male or female. A few younger males may be present, but they are eventually driven out to establish their own herds.

Though terrifyingly large and powerful, kodo beasts are by nature quiet, lumbering animals. They are content simply to wander away from potential threats. One notable exception is when they are protecting eggs or yearlings, which are small enough to be threatened by most predators. Kodo beasts form rings around the young, barring attack with simple mass. Sufficiently annoying opponents are charged and swallowed whole. More significant threats, particularly those too large to swallow, are run down. Kodo beasts are key to tauren culture. Tauren hunt and use every part of kodos for their equipment, clothing, and food. Kodo beasts can be trained and are used as beasts of burden by the tauren and as mounts for orcs.[2][3]

The tauren hold them in high esteem, and breed them as mounts. They are also used extensively as pack animals by both the goblins and Horde. During the Third War, the orcs received a pack of tamed kodo beasts as a gift from Cairne in return for Thrall's generosity. The orcs used the kodo beasts to carry Drummers and giant War Drums, which were played furiously to boost morale during combat. These kodo beasts were also taught the amusing trick of "Devouring" their enemies whole in the middle of a battle.[1]

Because kodo beasts are the primary type of kodo, they are often simply called "kodos"[3] (and kodos may be called kodo beasts).[4]

(for the Warcraft 3 unit, see Kodo Beast (Warcraft III))

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