This is a list of known murloc territories and villages.

Eastern KingdomsEdit

Common murlocEdit

Grimscale tribeEdit

These murlocs pillaged Captain Kelisendra's ship cargo.

Vile Fin tribeEdit

These Murlocs come in to conflict with both the Rot Hide gnolls and persistent Forsaken. To the south in Silverpine Forest, the Vile Fins build huts and villages along the shore and upon the islands of Lordamere Lake.

Torn Fin tribeEdit

These lonely murlocs eke out an existence on the southern shores of the region.

  • Location: Hillsbrad Foothills (coastal)
  • Levels: 28-32
  • Types: Coastrunner, Muckdweller, Oracle, and Tidehunter
  • Famous/Named: IconSmall MurlocScargil (rare)

Bluegill tribeEdit

These are the only regions in Khaz Modan that are hospitable to the murlocs' aquatic nature. The vast fens and sticky marshes are home to the Bluegill tribe, who are constantly hunted by adventurers issuing out of Menethil Harbor.

  • Location: Loch Modan,Wetlands (coastal, marshland)
  • Levels: 10-14 in Loch Modan, 20-29 in Wetlands.
  • Types: Forager, Muckdweller, Oracle, Puddlejumper, Raider, and Warrior
  • Famous/Named: IconSmall MurlocGobbler (Bluegill Marsh, Wetlands - quest) , IconSmall MurlocWhitefin Cataclysm-Logo-Small (southern part of lake Loch in Loch Modan)

Saltscale tribeEdit

This is an especially vicious breed of murlocs.

Murkgill tribeEdit

  • Location: Stranglethorn Vale (lake)
  • Levels: 35-37
  • Types: Forager, Hunter, Lord, Oracle, and Warrior
  • Famous/Named: IconSmall MurlocGluggle (rare)

Marsh tribeEdit

The Marsh tribe lives to the south and east of the ancient temple that lies in the fens.

  • Location: Swamp of Sorrows (marshland)
  • Levels: 41-45
  • Types: Flesheater, Inkspewer, and Oracle
  • Famous/Named: IconSmall MurlocSwamp Talker (level 50, quest), IconSmall MurlocFingat (level 43, rare, and very tiny), IconSmall MurlocJarquia (level 46, quest)

Greengill tribeEdit

A physically-small tribe located on the southeastern part of the Isle of Quel'Danas.

They are neutral, but are being mind-controlled by the naga.


Greymist tribeEdit

Siltfin tribeEdit

Blacksilt tribeEdit

  • Location: Bloodmyst Isle
  • Levels: 11-17
  • Types: Shorestriker, Seer, Scout, Forager, Tidecaller, and Warrior

Saltspittle tribeEdit

Blindlight tribeEdit

Mirefin tribeEdit

Storm Bay tribeEdit

  • Live in the Bay of Storms in Azshara.
  • Levels: 51-55
  • Types: Oracle, Warrior


These murlocs live in or near the Temple of Arkkoran in Azshara.

They are among the children of the sea that guard Lord Arkkoroc, along with Arkkoran Pincers and Clackers.

  • Levels: 53-55
  • Types: Oracle, Muckdweller


Chillmere tribeEdit

White Shark tribeEdit

The White Sharks are an important force on the stretch of coast closest to Valgarde, and have more frequent dealings with surface-dwellers than many other murloc tribes.[1] (LoM 136)

Winterfin tribeEdit


Wide Grin tribeEdit

Turquoise-skinned with yellow bellies, these murlocs all bear red tattoos of slitted eyes above wide toothy grins. Some paint the symbol across their bodies as well. This tribe is supposed to be particularly ferocious and intelligent, and its members wield some of the best equipment. They usually content themselves by mincing rival murloc tribes. [1] (LoM 160-161, 163-164)

Lostfin tribeEdit

Dark Ray tribeEdit

Ripfang tribeEdit

Tidewalker tribeEdit

  • Location: Serpentshrine Cavern
  • Levels: 71 (elite)
  • Types: Warrior, Shaman, Lurker, Hydromancer, and Depth-Seer

Underworld MinionsEdit

This organization of murlocs worshiped a banshee or naga named Sea Witch. The group used to have an underground lair, but it collapsed when Thrall escaped their dungeon. These were the first murlocs introduced (chronologically) into the Warcraft universe. Surprisingly, other members of the Underworld Minions included ghosts, golems, spiders, skeletons, gnolls, salamanders, and sludges.

These are the units found in the Warcraft III prologue called Exodus of the Horde that served as the demo for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. They were not in the retail version of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos' "prologue campaign", but were later included with the re-release in the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne "custom campaign".

  • Heroes
    • Sea Witch (Mystical hero adept at attacking from afar and destroying buildings.)
    • IconSmall MurlocMurloc High Sorcerer (Mystical hero adept at attacking from afar.)

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