Klaven Mortwake is a level 23 human member of the Defias Brotherhood found in his tower in the Dust Plains, in the human territory of Westfall. He is very unstable mentally, as evidenced by his journal.


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While it is never specified what his role in the Defias is, it would he appear he is working with the Venture Co. in an attempt to use a Plague-like formula against Stormwind. This is evidenced by the Malformed Defias Drone, who had been sent to kill Mortwake by Shaw, but is found guarding the tower as an undead.



Upon spawning:

  • Klaven Mortwake wildly flips through the pages of a large tome.
  • The sweet irony -- Stormwind forces cut down in defense of their city, only to rise and fight alongside the Brotherhood as instruments of destruction.
  • And should one die, two shall rise!
  • Klaven Mortwake shuffles through the books.
  • Now where did I put the Venture Company formulations?

Upon detecting stealth:

  • You cannot hide from me, Rogue! I can smell your fear!

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