On the Virtues of Magic
"Kirin Tor Monthly (May Issue)" is a book in Dalaran which can spawn in place of The Schools of Arcane Magic.[30.8, 46.5]


Kirin Tor Monthly (May Issue)

Ask The Mage!

Q: My friends tell me that studying magic and becoming a mage will make me frail, weak, and unpopular with the ladies. Is it true?

-Jimmy "Insecure" Townsend

A: Don't worry, Jimmy. Your friends are referring to an unfair stereotype that started as a result of a few lazy mages with poor eating habits. It is entirely possible to maintain peak physical condition while still finding time to master manipulating the fabric of the universe. Even members of the Kirin Tor, through strict diet and a robust exercise regime, keep themselves in great shape dispite their busy schedules. And what woman does not like Polymorph?

Q: My parents are not supportive of my decision to become a mage. They say that arcane magic is dangerous and leads to other "harder" magics like demonology. I do not want to sell my soul. Are they right?

-Joseph Winters

A: Your parents' concern is unfounded. While there are stories of mages turning to demon worship or necromancy there has been little to no evidence supporting these claims. Reassure your family that absolutely nothing can possibly go wrong.

Q: I just recently started studying the arcane and so far my friends just laugh at me. All they seem to want me around for is to conjure food and drinks and to teleport them around. When will people start respecting me?

-Gregory "Doormat" Adams

A: Right about the time you learn pyroblast.

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