Orkus is a level 80 orc warrior quest giver in Hillsbrad Foothills. He first appears when players gave him a quest to go to Southshore. There he finds Vanndar Stormpike and Balinda Stonehearth. After a short fight, which he lost, he was thrown into the water where the player finds him.

He sacrificed himself to give players an opportunity to get Alliance battle plans.


Objective of


  • Hillsbrad has changed. Back in my day Hillsbrad was a place of constant battle. The humans and dwarves of Southshore would constantly attack the Horde at Tarren Mill. There were days when you could look out past the intersection at Darrow Hill and see a thousand people battling. Glory days, <name> - they'll pass you by.
  • I have heard tale of the Maelstrom itself opening up, threatening to devour the world. Could you imagine such a thing?
  • I liked the worgen better when they were a disorganized mess that you'd run into in small packs. This new Gilnean worgen alliance is much more difficult to deal with.
  • Worgen and dwarves working together... What has this world come to?
  • I am sorry that I called you puny, <name>. When we first met I thought you just another one of Darthalia's pawns.
  • This place reeks of evil. It must be purged!
  • Garrosh Hellscream: great warchief or greatest warchief?
  • Don't get me wrong, <name>, I like Thrall. He was a strong leader, but I don't think he was cut out to lead the Horde. Not in a time of war!
  • If we stop these dwarves and worgen we will be celebrated as great heroes of the Horde!
  • I found Kasha in Icecrown. She was injured and dying. I managed to carry her back to the Shadow Vault where the death knights helped nurse her back to health. We are now the best of friends.
  • If Ivar Bloodfang is here, where is Darius Crowley?
  • I wasn't there, but I heard that Sylvanas died in Silverpine and that her precious val'kyr resurrected her at the cost of their own lives. Know anything about it?
  • <name>, just between you and me, I never saw the fall of the Lich King. And... well... I've never been to Ulduar. I... well... I am a dungeon explorer. Yes. I prefer exploring dungeons with allies. The pay is excellent and the risk is low.
  • Did I ever tell you about the time I met Varok Saurfang? I asked him to sign my massive pectoral muscles. He backhanded me instead, which is why I sometimes forget things now. It was totally worth it.
  • Varian Wrynn... I saw him fight once at Dire Maul. He killed five feral scar yetis with his bare hands. Pretty good for a human, no?

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