King Mosh, a rare, infamous devilsaur that frequents the Northwest area of the Un'Goro Crater between the river and the large lakes.


Since the start of World of Warcraft, King Mosh was a level 60 elite rarespawn with 61,040 health with powerful attacks that caused great deals of damage. Even upon the release of The Burning Crusade, players at level 70 in top rate gear had difficultly downing him.

As of March 2011 however, King Mosh is now a level 55 non-elite rarespawn with a mere 5,528 health. This makes him not only one of, if not the weakest of the devilsaurs, but also the first of the very known non-elite devilsaurs (another non-elite is Tyrantus in the Eco-Dome Farfield in Netherstorm).

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