King's Square

King's Square

King's Square is located inside Stratholme Scarlet Side, just past the instance portal of the main entrance. It leads northwest into Market Row and east to Festival Lane.

King's Square holds numerous perpetually burning buildings, including The Stone Crow Tavern, Leeka's Shields & Mace, the Orphanage, and Fras Siabi's Premium Tobacco. It is also the location of Skul, Stratholme Courier, and Fras Siabi.

In Culling of Stratholme

King's Square - Culling of Stratholme

King's Square

King's Square in Old Stratholme is the main entrance into the city. This is where the culling begins. While cleansing the area of zombies some Stratholme residents will try to escape only to be killed by Arthas and his men near the entrance.

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