A King is typically the title of a hereditary, male monarch of a nation, region, or state. The spouse of a king is usually called a queen, but is rarely given a portion or shared rulership. A king may be she spouse of a female monarch called a queen, but that is rare.

Kings of the Alliance Edit

Kings are the main leaders of the Alliance of Lordaeron, Quel'Thalas, Khaz Modan, Kingdom of Azeroth (now Stormwind) and other kingdoms. Every member of the House of Wrynn was or is a king. They reign over the human, elven and dwarfen kingdoms from the Troll Wars to the Third War. The last true king of Lordaeron was betrayed and murdered by his own son. Now with the creation of the Grand Alliance, Varian Wrynn, son of Llane occupies this post.

Llane Wrynn

King Llane


King Terenas Menethil, King of Lordaeron

Varian Wei

King Varian Wrynn

Notable Alliance kings Edit

Human Edit

  • IconSmall Human Male Landen Wrynn
    King of Azeroth prior to the opening of the Dark Portal
Arthas dark


High Elves Edit

Dwarf Edit

Gnome Edit

Kings of the Horde Edit

The Horde does not typically call their leaders kings, even if they are male monarchs. The title is largely historical from a group that joined the Horde and used that title previously.

The leader of the Horde is called Warchief, and races such as the tauren and trolls use chief or chieftain as their titles. "Regent Lord" is the blood elven regal title, while the goblins are ruled by a slew of trade princes.

Other kings Edit


the Lich King

Northrend Edit

Eastern Kingdoms Edit



  • IconSmall ZandalarTroll Male Rastakhan
    King of all living trolls on Azeroth

Kalimdor Edit

Dragons Edit

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