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Kettara Bloodthirst was an orc shaman, apprentice to Muln Earthfury.

After expressing doubts in the Elements to her master and their lack of aid during a crisis, Kettara found herself interested in the ways of a mysterious tauren shaman by the name of Shotoa, who wielded the elements by commanding them rather than requesting their help.

While Muln refused to accept this new method, which went against generations of teachings and traditions in shamanism, Kettara decided to accept Shotoa's offer to anyone who wished to learn this new way under him.

However, this was revealed to be a ruse when Shotoa led those of the Earthen Ring into a trap where his followers, shaman tauren of the Grimtotem tribe, were waiting to kill them.

In the ensuing battle, Kettara was captured by an earth elemental under the control of a Grimtotem and despite her master's timely arrival to save his brother and sister shaman, Kettara was dealt a lethal blow.

Shotoa, a mere vessel for the evil of Ragnaros, was killed once and for all by Muln, and he was too late to save Kettara but they managed to share a final exchange of love and respect.

Kettara and those who'd fallen with her were all given a funeral befitting members of the Earthen Ring and Muln declared this had been a test to stand by their ways and they had to honor their fallen by finding the strength to continue doing so.

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