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""The gnomes are already so cute .. seeing them on sheep would be great :)""

Katricia aka Donna Anthony[1] was a Blizzard employee and was a Community Manager for the US World of Warcraft forums during the Classic Beta. She received a tribute to her in the form of a vendor, Donni Anthania.[2]


  1. ^ IRC Chat with Katricia (March 5, 2004): Katricia, aka Donna Anthony, World of Warcraft's Community Manager, dropped in on an IRC chat with Blizzard Guilds to chat and answer a few questions. Here is a log of the questions answered and information revealed...
  2. ^ Warcraft & other hooha: "Found that Katricia, aka Donna Anthony is World of Warcraft's Community Manager - or at least she was during Wow's beta phase. Here's an IRC Chat interview with her from March 5, 2004. Humorously, she has an in game npc named after her - Donni Anthania, also known as the crazy cat lady."
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