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Kalimdor's Revenge

Kalimdor's Revenge is a two-handed sword with one of the highest DPS in the game pre-TBC.

The other pre-Naxxramas weapon that is comparable, is [Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood], a slower weapon of the same dps, with more attack power, but no proc. Of the two, if given to a warrior with the proper spec; Kalimdor's belonging to a fury warrior, and Ashkandi belonging to an MS warrior, Kalimdor's Revenge will deliver the highest sustained dps.

This sword is superior, except in PvP viability, where Ashkandi's extra stamina and typical Mortal Strike specced player will have more viability.


Kalimdor's Revenge drops off Emperor Vek'nilash in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj at an estimated 8% rate.


Its proc rate is reported to be around 9% to 12%.

Its worth to note that Emperor Vek'nilash carries this sword.

The graphic of the sword looks very similar to the Dark Flow weapon in the game Phantasy Star Online: Episode I and II, created by Sega.[1]

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