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The Kaldorei Resistance were those who fought against the Burning Legion and the highborne elven leaders. They were lead by Lord Ravencrest.[1] (WoE 297) They eventually defeated the Burning Legion.

The Host msotly consisted out of night Elves at the beginning at the war, but towards the end, thanks to Krasus, Tauren, Earthen and even Furbolgs joined, adding more melee power the Night elves needed.

Known members

Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Lord Ravencrest First Supreme Commander Deceased
Horde 15IconSmall Orc Male Broxigar Warrior, Time-traveler Deceased
Neutral 15IconSmall Illidan Illidan Stormrage Part of the Moon Guard untill betrayal. Alive Temple Summit, Black Temple
Neutral 15IconSmall Malfurion Malfurion Stormrage Druid Moonglade Alive
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Desdel Stareye Second Supreme Commander Deceased
Neutral 15IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin Part,later leader of the Moon Guard , Time traveler Alive The Violet Citadel, Dalaran
Neutral 15Inv misc questionmark Krasus Consort of Alexstrasza , Time-traveler Alive
Neutral 15Inv misc questionmark Tyrande Whisperwind High Priestess Alive Darnasus
Neutral 15Inv misc questionmark Maiev Shadowsong Priestess Alive
Neutral 15IconSmall Tauren Male Huln Highmountain Spokesmen for the Tauren tribes Deceased after the war
Neutral 15IconSmall NightElf Male Jarod Shadowsong Last Supreme Commander Unknown
Neutral 15IconSmall EarthenSouth Dungard Ironcutter Spokesmen for the Earthen Deceased after the war
Neutral 15IconSmall Furbolg Unng Ak Spokesmen for the Furbolg tribes Deceased after the war

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