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Kaja'mite is a strange ore with magical powers that is named after Mount Kajaro. Early in their history, the goblins were forced to mine it by the jungle trolls of Kezan. However, its magic gave them great intelligence and the goblins overthrew the trolls. The goblins' capital city of Undermine was likely declared so because it was the mine that contained the vital kaja'mite. However, the supply of kaja'mite soon ran out. The goblins searched fruitlessly for more deposits of kaja'mite all over the world for thousands of years. Goblin intelligence peaked about 500 years before the First War, and has been declining ever since.[1]

In Cataclysm

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
In Cataclysm, the goblins appear to have located at least three more kaja'mite-containing mines. The first is found at the Kaja'mine[68.8, 80.7]
in Kezan, worked by troll slaves. The kaja'mite is refined into an idea-inducing beverage known as [Kaja'Cola]. The second and third kaja'mite mines are located on the Lost Isles. The first is the Kaja'mite Cavern[31.4, 78.4]
, where smart mining monkeys have chased away the goblin workers after being affected by the deposits. The second is the Gallywix Labor Mine[54.2, 36]
, where Trade Prince Gallywix has enslaved a number of his people to mine the ore.

All the mines are lost by the goblins, however, when both zones are wiped out by volcanoes. It is unknown if there are any other deposits of kaja'mite to be found outside of Kezan and the Lost Isles.

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