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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Kadavan along with Ragnok Bloodreaver in the Shadow Wing manga

Kadavan was an ethereal mercenary that allied with Ragnok Bloodreaver in the Shadow Wing manga trilogy. He created artifacts filled with dark energy to catch nether dragons as servants to Ragnok. When he failed to catch Tyrygosa, Ragnok told him that he would put an end to his failing artifacts and that he would end Kadavan along with them. Kadavan and Ragnok were in Blade's Edge Mountains when they saw a holy light illuminate the rock spires. It was Jorad Mace. Kadavan understood that the paladin had destroyed the(which?) artifact and informed Ragnok, but Ragnok remained angry. He shot Kadavan with unholy magic, but Kadavan luckily lived. He swore to Ragnok that he would not fail him again.

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