Justice Points was the currency to buy items as a reward for participating in WoW Icon 16x16 normal and Heroic dungeons(up to level 60), Bc icon"The Burning Crusade" Normal and Heroic Dungeons (up to level 70), Wrath-Logo-Small Wrath of the Lich King normal and heroic dungeons and raids (up to level 80), Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm dungeons on normal and heroic mode (up to level 85), and Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria dungeons up to level 86-87, Justice Points replaced Inv misc frostemblem 01 [Emblems of Frost] and Spell holy summonchampion [Emblems of Triumph] --(NOTE: this was the Old World currency, now also replaced with Justice Points) Cataclysm based raid content will reward Valor points instead,

Mists-Logo-Small For normal dungeons 60-70 Justice points are awarded for completing the dungeon. All bosses at heroic dungeons give 100JP, 120JP with the guild buff.

Warlords-Logo-Small Justice Points were removed in patch 6.0.2. In place of "JP" these items now cost gold.


Justice Points are rewarded in level-appropriate dungeons and raids. while Heroic Dungeons give more Justice, you can only do an Heroic run once each day each dungeon.

Outgrowing content by out-leveling it will result in the listed objectives no longer rewarding Justice Points. Thus, for Wrath of the Lich King content, no Justice Points will be rewarded for players levels 81 and above. The same rule applies for Burning Crusade and Vanilla" content, which will also reward Justice Points.

Purchasable Rewards

Magatha Silverton and Gunra sell equipment for Justice points

Vendor information

Icon-time This section concerns content that is out-of-date.
Item Cost
Inv misc forestnecklace [Amulet of Dull Dreaming] 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Apple-Bent Bough 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Beech Green Belt 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Belt of Barred Clouds 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Belt of the Dim Forest 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Belt of the Falling Rain 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Belt of the Still Stream 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Blessed Hands of Elune 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Breastplate of Raging Fury 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Celadon Pendant 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Chestguard of Dancing Waves 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Chestplate of the Steadfast 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Cluster of Stars 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Cowl of Pleasant Gloom 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Crown of the Blazing Sun 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Dawnblaze Blade 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Embrace of the Night 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Girdle of the Mountains 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gleaning Gloves 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gloves of Curious Conscience 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gloves of Purification 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gloves of the Painless Midnight 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gloves of the Passing Night 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Greaves of Gallantry 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Greaves of Splendor 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Helm of Easeful Death 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Helm of the Inward Eye 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Helm of the Proud 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Hermit's Lamp 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Hillside Striders 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Incense Infused Cummerbund 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Leggings of Charity 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Leggings of Late Blooms 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Leggings of Soothing Silence 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Leggings of the Burrowing Mole 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Legguards of the Gentle 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Mask of New Snow 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Mask of Vines 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Meadow Mantle 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Musk Rose Robes 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Numbing Handguards 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Pauldrons of the Forlorn 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Pauldrons of the High Requiem 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Pendant of Quiet Breath 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Pensive Legwraps 2,220 Pvecurrency-justice
Reaping Gauntlets 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Robes of Embalmed Darkness 2,220 Pvecurrency-justice
Robes of Forgetfulness 2,220 Pvecurrency-justice
Sash of Musing 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Seafoam Mantle 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Shield of the Four Grey Towers 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Shield of the Mists 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Somber Shawl 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Sticky Fingers 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
String of Beaded Bubbles 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Summer Song Shoulderwraps 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Sunburnt Pauldrons 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Thatch Eave Vines 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
The Lustrous Eye 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Throat Slasher 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Tunic of Sinking Envy 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Vest of the True Companion 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Vest of the Waking Dream 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Willow Mask 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Windslicer 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Wrap of the Valley Glades 1,600 Pvecurrency-justice

Cataclysm rewards

Justice Points can be spent at a faction-specific vendor (also known as the Justice Quartermaster) or at a vendor in Dalaran for Item Level 346 rare gear, which will cost 950-2200 JP depending on the slot of the item.

There are ten "Legacy Justice Quartermaster" vendors in Dalaran and they have replaced the old Emblem vendors from Wrath of the Lich King in the Silver Enclave (Alliance) and the Sunreaver's Sanctuary (Horde). The Alliance vendor, Magatha Silverton, is located in Stormwind in the Command Center, in the south-eastern part of Old Town. She is standing beside Faldren Tillsdale, the Valorous Quartermaster.

The Horde vendor, Gunra, is located in Orgrimmar on the roof of Grommash Hold, in the center of the Valley of Strength. She is standing beside Jamus'Vaz, the Valor Quartermaster.

Slot Justice Points
Chest 2200
Hands 1650
Legs 2200
Head 2200
Off-Hand 950
Necklace 1250
Shoulder 1650
Waist 1650

Conversion of Emblems to Justice Points

When players first log in after Patch 4.0.1, the number of Justice Points they have would be calculated as follows:

JP = 11.58 * (EoT + EoF)


  • JP = the number of Justice Points;
  • EoT = the number of Emblems of Triumph;
  • EoF = the number of Emblems of Frost.

Players cannot stockpile more than 4,000 Justice Points at any time by normal means of running instances.

However, if the one-time emblem-to-point conversion grants the player more than 4,000 Justice Points, they will be unable to accumulate any additional Justice Points until they have spent the excess. Come Patch 4.0.3, any Justice Points above 4,000 will be immediately converted to gold at a ratio of 47Silver 50Copper per Justice Point.

Other emblems, badges and tokens

[Emblems of Valor], [Heroism], and [Conquest] will be immediately converted to gold (and not Justice Points) at a ratio of 5Gold 50Silver per emblem in Patch 4.0.1. [Badges of Justice] will also be immediately converted to gold at a rate of 1Gold 83Silver 30Copper per badge.

PvP-based currency will be converted to Honor points much the same way.

Other, specific currencies such as Champion's Seals will not be converted.[1]

Comparison of purchasing power

With the introduction of Justice Points (Patch 4.0.1), that replaced Inv misc frostemblem 01 [Emblems of Frost] and Spell holy summonchampion [Emblems of Triumph], players will be able to use the same currency to purchase both Tier 9 and Tier 10, potentially skipping the earlier in favour of the latter. Obtaining Tier 10 is now in comparison faster and easier.

The conversion did affect the prices of Heirlooms as well, from using Spell holy proclaimchampion [Emblems of Heroism] to using the same currency. The prices for Heirlooms seems to be equated for the Justice Point income at level 85, which at level 80 means relatively higher costs. Example:

  • [Dignified Headmaster's Charge]
    • Prior cost was 65 Spell holy proclaimchampion [Emblems of Heroism]. Being that the average Random Heroic gave about 6 Emblems, you needed 10-12 runs to earn this.
    • Patch 4.0.1 changed the cost to 3500 Justice Points. As a Random Heroic gives 55, 71, 87 or 103 points, you currently need 35-45 runs to earn this.

Patch history

  • Warlords-Logo-Small Patch 6.0.2 (10-14.2014) Valor points & Justice points converted to gold. Valor/Justice Points removed from game.
  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Valor points converted to Justice points. See Valor point for conversion info.
  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.6 (8-Feb-2011): The daily Random Dungeon reward on normal difficulty has been increased to 140 Justice Points, up from 70.
  • Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Justice Points over the 4,000 hard cap will be immediately converted at a ratio of 47Silver 50Copper per Justice Point.
  • Wrath-Logo-Small/ Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.1 (12-Oct-2010):
    • All [Emblems of Frost] and [Emblems of Triumph] have been converted to new Justice Points.
    • Any dungeon or raid which awarded these emblems will reward Justice Points instead. Anything below Emblems of Triumph, including badges from The Burning Crusade dungeon and raid content, have been converted into gold and sent to players via the in-game mail system.
    • Any bosses players defeat that are level-appropriate to them award Justice Points.
    • All items that previously cost emblems or badges of any type now cost Justice Points.


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