Junior Apothecary Schlemiel is a Forsaken apothecary in training found in Venomspite. He works for Apothecary Vicky Levine, but ends up being turned to goo by his master for a supposed failure in making her a potion.


Schlemiel's Demise:

Apothecary Vicky Levine says: Schlemiel!
Junior Apothecary Schlemiel says: Huh?
Apothecary Vicky Levine says: Apparently you flubbed this batch of blight. What do you have to say for yourself?
Junior Apothecary Schlemiel says: But... I followed your instructions precisely! Sorry?
Apothecary Vicky Levine says: Sorry? SORRY? Here's sorry for you!
At this point, Vicky throws a vial at Schlemiel. Schlemiel promptly turns into green slime that immediately evaporates.
Junior Apothecary Schlemiel says: Eep!
Apothecary Vicky Levine says: Oops. I guess it IS working! That's odd.
Apothecary Vicky Levine says: I'm gonna need a cleanup and a new assistant over here!


  • His name is a dutch word for a loser, klutz, or general screw-up.

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