Joseph Redpath is a friendly level 60 human ghost found in the Eastern Plaguelands.

His ghost is involved in the quest Neutral 15 [60R] The Battle of Darrowshire.


Joseph Redpath was killed during the battle of Darrowshire. His spirit was corrupted and took new shape, and this creature spread great evil in Lordaeron. At Gahrron's Withering, east of Andorhal, the corrupted Redpath was finally defeated by Alliance forces.

His shield still rests near the barn of the plagued farmstead, and Scourge minions are still drawn to the memory of its evil.

He is possibly related to Marcus Redpath.

He might have been the Redpath refered to in the quest Daelin's Men, which would have made him a member of the Theramore city guard at some point. However, as he was killed during the Third War — shortly before the foundation of Theramore — this is unlikely.

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In Wrath of the Lich King

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Joseph Redpath can be found sleeping in Stratholme Past staying on the second floor in an inn on the outskirts of Stratholme. He is with his family including, Carlin Redpath, Pamela Redpath (along with her doll), and Marlene Redpath.

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