Jojo Ironbrow is a meditating pandaren quest giver that can be found in all parts of the Wandering Isle.


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Born in the Wandering Isle, Jojo learned the ways of the Tushui and was known supporter to Aysa Cloudsinger. He never fancied the ways of the Huojin, but always learned true to become a great monk like his forefathers. He is first seen beside a building within the Singing Pools[63.5, 41.9]
, coming down from the Temple of Five Dawns. He is surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, amazed by his feats of strength. He continues his feats and quest giving role at the Dai-Lo Farmstead[69.1, 66.6]
and Morning Breeze Village[29.9, 39.9]
, then at the culmination of the pandaren introductory questline. He also accompanied Aysa and Ji Firepaw to Pei-Wu Forest where he uses the Jade Tiger Pillar to break open the gate. He travels to the Skyfire Crash-Site where he provides his assiatance to Delora Lionheart and her crew. Once Shen-zin Su was healed by the Druids, Jojo would accompany Aysa and his fellow companion into Stormwind City that have chosen to side with the Alliance. After watching a fight between his companion and King Varian Wrynn, Jojo was amazed in shock and would later be stationed at the Eastern Earthshrine where he carries the Jade Tiger Pillar that he failed to destroy.


Singing Pools
Dai-Lo Farmstead
Morning Breeze Village
Skyfire Crash-Site
Elwynn Forest, outside Stormwind City

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  • After Jojo fails to destroy the Jade Tiger Pillar, he then carries it with him wherever he goes.

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