Commodore Jessi Falrevere is Duke Falrevere’s daughter. She is in her mid-20s, and is a short, solid woman who looks as if she has a hint of dwarf in her veins. She is red-faced from shouting, drink, and sun. She seems to have been trying to make up for her gender since she came to terms with her pirate lifestyle, and can drink most men under the table. She commands her ships in much the same way her father does, though she is more gregarious and has many friends among her captains and crew. She is moody and prone to extremes: If you’re not her friend, you are probably her enemy — and she deals with her enemies harshly. Lordaeron’s fall, her father’s descent into evil, and her brother’s demise have worked together to make her a hard and ruthless individual.

Jessi was barely 20 when Duke Falrevere began building Bloodsail Hold. She was depressed for months, for her mother had been left behind in Kul Tiras and none knew her fate. Her brother Magrann, who saw the shift to piracy as a grand adventure, dragged her out of her despair. When he died before the cannons of the Blackwater Raiders, all that was once good and fun in her shattered. She must be a sad, sad woman now.[1]


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