Jepetto Joybuzz is a level 75 toy vendor located in the Runeweaver Square of Dalaran. He sells all kinds of toys. For US Players who participated in the Mountain Dew World of Warcraft promotion, he is the one who sends the players their Battle Bots. He wrote The Fluffy Bunny summing up Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure.


When people accomplish the Inv misc coin 02.png [The Coin Master] achievement, he sends a mail to the player in-game, including the Inv misc coin 18.png [Titanium Seal of Dalaran], and a congratulatory text.

The Coin Master

Greeting and congratulations on collecting the full set of Dalaran coins! As a reward for all your hard work I have enclosed a freshly minted Titanium Seal of Dalaran. This is a special coin that we only grant to the most ardent of collectors.

I hope you enjoy this special reward, you've earned it!

Jepetto Joybuzz


Item Cost
Inv cask 03.png [Grindgear Toy Gorilla] 45s
Inv gizmo 04.png [Heavy Copper Racer] 30s
Inv misc toy 05.png [Paper Zeppelin Kit] 5g
Inv gizmo 02.png [Trusty Copper Racer] 30s
Inv gizmo 01.png [Zippy Copper Racer] 30s
Inv misc toy 03.png [Tiny Green Ragdoll] 75s
Inv misc head clockworkgnome 01.png [Wind-Up Train Wrecker] 250g
Inv misc toy 10.png [Toy Train Set] 250g


His name is a reference to Pinocchio's father, who also made toys.

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