Jazzrik is a level 38 blacksmithing vendor located in a small camp in the Valley of Fangs in the contested territory of Badlands.

Pointer repair on 32x32 This vendor offers a repair service.

See List of Badlands NPCs.

Vendor informationEdit

BankergossipiconItem Level Price Availability
Inv hammer 20 [Blacksmith Hammer]118CopperUnlimited
Inv pick 02 [Mining Pick]481CopperUnlimited
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 01 [Weak Flux]51SilverUnlimited
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 01 [Strong Flux]2520SilverUnlimited
Inv ore tin 01 [Coal]305SilverUnlimited
Spell frost fireresistancetotem [Elemental Flux]6015GoldUnlimited

Also sells Inv scroll 03 [Plans: Solid Iron Maul]

Reputation notesEdit

He is also one of only two NPCs (See High Admiral "Shelly" Jorrik) in the game that continue giving reputation to those grinding Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation beyond 11999/12000 honored, to reach revered status. His respawn timer is random between 5 minutes and 45 seconds up to just over 8 minutes and he awards 5 reputation points for each kill. Jazzrik only gives reputation up to 20999/21000 revered, but it is known that the quests for the Bloodsail Buccaneers can be used to reach exalted as well as killing High Admiral "Shelly" Jorrik.

Patch changesEdit

Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.8 (2009-01-20): Jazzrik gives 5 rep points instead of one.

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