You may be sent to Stratholme, Scarlet Side as part of the Dungeon Set 2 questline to summon the spirits of Jarien and Sothos in Grand Crusader Dathrohan's (Balnazzar's) chamber.


There are two Undead you will have to fight: Sothos and Jarien. The first one has a shield and is the bad guy: he will fear, charge around (apparently random) and do a very painful AoE Shadowbolt. The second one is mêlée only and not hard to tank; her only special ability is a 1k dmg cleave. A good strategy is to kill Sothos first, as he is the one that will hurt you with AoE Shadowbolt. After he is dead, which should not be hard with good DPS, his spirit will help the fight against Jarien, who should be offtanked - a Paladin or Shaman can do a good job.

Shadow Protection Buff or Potion will help a lot, as will do a good Mana Potion for the healer. If DPS is not strong enough they will cause a good amount of damage to the party. Note to Alliance: If you have a Dwarf Priest in your party, don't forget to have Fear Ward on the Tank, as the first thing Sothos will do in combat is fear everyone around.

Loot of note

Lvl 58 219 AC, +24 Sta, +15 Int, 1/8 Ironweave Battlesuit set.
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