Janice Felstone is level 5 ghost quest giver located at the Felstone Field farmhouse in the contested territory of the Western Plaguelands. She is the ghost of a female human who once lived on the farm at Felstone Field. She will occasionally scream out for help. She is the sister of Jeremiah Felstone, who is now also undead and has changed his name to Jeremiah Payson. She is also the sister of Emma Felstone, who lives in Stormwind and goes by the name Ol' Emma. Janice was married to a "John" before they became undead, as she asks you (thinking you're John) to bring her John's part of the charm. The charm drops off of the Jabbering Ghoul, a unique ghoul that he carries a pitchfork, revealing that John has indeed succumbed to the Scourge.

She starts or ends the following quests:


Janice Felstone, when spoken to, says "Shh... Do you smell something?" which is a famous line from the movie Ghostbusters.

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